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This Week at Crosspoint 08/30/2020
Phillip Jones

This week has been so good! We had a great time with all who went camping with us. The Lord blessed us with safety and an awesome time of fun and fellowship. If you weren't able to go, we hope you will make plans to tag along next year!

Tomorrow morning, Pastor Phillip will be walking us through Proverbs 17 as we continue our series Wisdom: The Principle Thing.

Exciting News! Growth Groups start this week. Meet us at our location @ 434 N Altadena Dr, ‍Pasadena, CA 91107, Wednesday @ 7 pm. Childcare will be provided. These first six weeks we’ll have split sessions for the guys and girls taught by Pastor Phillip and McKenzie. We will have room to physically distance in these smaller groups too.🙌

This Sunday...

Whether online or in person, let’s prepare our hearts to worship together this Sunday! Here’s the setlist for this week’s worship:

What a Beautiful Name/God is so Good

King of my Heart/God is so Good

Good, Good Father/ God is so Good