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God's Way is Best 01/20/2021
Phillip Jones

Hey, Crosspoint!

We have all been blessed with a level of success in different areas of our lives. We have done well no doubt, but would you say that your way is better than God's? Of course not, right?!?

We clearly see in God's Word and throughout our lives that we need God's wisdom. We need God to guide us and show us the right way. We need God's mind and wisdom in every area of our lives. The good news is that God has given us His wisdom in the Bible! We can know the best way to live in every area and that includes... (drumroll... 🥁) our finances!

At 7 pm tonight, and for the next four weeks, my friend Tim Rosen will be sharing with us Biblical principles for managing the resources God has entrusted to us. Let's all be on the ZOOM call and learn so we can better honor the Lord as stewards/managers of His blessings.

Follow this link to be a part of the call:

Meeting ID: 626 808 7648
Password: Jesus

Also, click here to download the outline and notes for tonight's session.

I look forward to seeing you tonight!

Your friend,

Pastor Phillip